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Our Rooms
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Purerehua is our Pēpē Ruma (0-2Yrs)

At Town & Country Kids, we provide a special place for our youngest ones in this room. Here, they can play, learn, and grow, practicing gross motor skills from rolling to sitting to crawling. They'll soon be talking and, before you know it, running towards their next adventure.

They also learn a variety of communication skills, from understanding different levels and pitches of noise to recognizing facial expressions and even their own early words and meanings. It is our role to learn to understand the very youngest of our children while we teach them to communicate.

Our teachers ensure a balanced mix of new and familiar activities for the kids to explore, always prioritizing the children's needs.

Kahikatea Ruma (2-3Yrs)

In the Kahikatea Room, our toddlers spread their wings, and many begin to flex their muscles, claiming their independence. Toilet training is a significant milestone for both the child and the family, and it's in the Tui Room that we start fostering this independence.

The speed of their development is astounding; they start using short sentences and soon invent their unique versions of the English language. With some efficiency, words like 'Jamwich' replace more complex phrases, and 'Happy Birthday' becomes 'Happy Day.' Who can argue that a daily greeting of 'Happy Day' isn't wonderful?

Under the guidance of our teachers, they learn about relationships, teamwork, and friendships. We also help them understand their feelings, get to know themselves, and play well with others. They learn to share and cooperate, critical skills and attitudes as they prepare to explore and venture out into the world.

In this space, we help them learn about numbers, colours, shapes, and letters, all through fun games, challenges, and activities.


Totara Ruma (3-4Yrs)

In the Totara Room, our children are transitioning from the toddler group to the big kids, almost ready for school. Our teachers are there to answer their questions, provoke curiosity, help solve problems, and expand their thought processes—all while ensuring that each child feels good about themselves, confident to try new things, and to ask questions. Many of the children in this group speak more than one language and have a strong sense of identity.

Their physical abilities are developing and expanding. Here, we encourage them to take the lead in games and activities. They do this with pride and confidence, showcasing how brightly they shine at Town & Country Kids.

Every activity is a learning opportunity; every experience is a chance to learn, and for this age group, most learning occurs outside the classroom.

Kaiarataki Ruma (4Yrs)

At Town & Country Kids, our oldest children begin our transition to school program. Our teachers visit local schools to ensure that the preparation we provide aligns with the expectations of these schools, ensuring the children are well-prepared, confident, and excited about their next big step to 'big school.' A favorite term coined by children in this group is 'focusstraight,' combining focus and concentration to create a whole new level of intensity—it's brilliant!

Our teachers assist each child in expanding their social skills and teach them self-management. They support children in critical thinking, problem-solving, and asking questions. Through fun activities, we introduce children to more formal topics like basic math, science, writing, and reading. However, it's not just about books and numbers; they learn through play and experiences to apply this learning to their environment and everyday life.

Our program includes elements of the primary school curriculum, with a focus on making the transition to school a smooth and successful experience. We understand that every child has a unique personality, and we ensure they are prepared as needed to succeed.

When it's time for our children to take the next big step in their learning journey, we make sure to celebrate their achievements in a grand way. We throw a graduation party for them and invite all their families. We know that every child has their own light to shine, and what better way to showcase it than with a Graduation Party that celebrates them.

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