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OUR pool

Physical development and confidence, which lead to a willingness to try new activities, are key parts of a child's healthy development. Weightlessness in water provides an ideal environment to develop motor skills and bolster children’s confidence in their physical abilities.

Familiarity and confidence in the water are essential life skills, which is why we offer swimming lessons for children aged 4 years and older.

OUR playgrounds

We have separate playgrounds for different age groups to ensure that all children have access to a range of age-appropriate activities.

Our spacious areas allow children to have active days with active play or quiet days when they explore nature or sit quietly under a tree.

OUR farm

At Town and Country Kids, we have created our own mini farm. The children will interact with chickens, miniature sheep, and Nigerian dwarf goats—animals of a size that is not threatening to the children.

Animals make wonderful companions for children's learning. They provide opportunities for children to develop a sense of responsibility and empathy as they assist with the care, feeding, and grooming of the animals.

Children naturally connect with animals, and our mini farm offers them opportunities to expand their awareness of different types of animals. Additionally, through activities such as collecting eggs and baking with eggs, children gain an understanding of a part of the food chain.

kia Ora and Welcome to Town & Country Kids Pukekohe

At Town & Country Kids Pukekohe, our primary focus is to ensure your child is safe, genuinely cared for, and valued so that they get the best start to their school lives. Central to this is establishing lasting bonds with families and the broader community—relationships that endure even after children graduate to 'big school' and the next stage of their learning journey.

Engaging with families is fundamental to our philosophy. This engagement provides children and their families with a deep sense of belonging and confidence, extending the security of their primary home to include Town and Country Kids. Our approach enables our staff to genuinely connect with each child, ensuring their happiness, growth, and preparation for their unique futures in partnership with the children's whanau.

Our center offers dedicated areas suitable for different age groups, accommodating babies, toddlers, and older children, including five to six-year-olds. Each space is designed for safe learning and exploration.

Every child is included and catered for in our program. Our expansive outdoor space resembles a park with large open areas of natural grass, room to run, play team sports, abundant trees, bike tracks, natural garden areas, and adventurous activities.

One of our distinctive features is our farm, which houses chickens, Nigerian dwarf goats, and miniature sheep. This provides children with direct learning experiences with animals and opportunities not typically accessible to town-based children.

Furthermore, our indoor heated pool serves dual purposes: water safety and confidence-building. It is accessible and offers swimming lessons tailored for children from 4 years of age, and these lessons are free.

At Town & Country Kids, children actively participate in their learning journey. Their innate curiosity and enthusiasm transform our environment into a dynamic and adventurous learning space.

Aligned with Te Whariki's vision, we steadfastly believe that 'children are capable and confident learners. They are adept communicators, holistically healthy, and secure in their sense of belonging, understanding their valuable role in society.'

Our goal is to recognize and nurture the potential in every child—to provide them with the opportunity for their star to shine brightly.

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